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MERCENARY - Watch Face

Android Wear Personalization
1.99 usd

Tha MERCENARY is a modern digital and analog watch face for Android Wear, if all you ever wanted was to travel off in exotic places and meet new exciting people you'll love this watch face. (Sorry, I use humor to deflect my insecurities. Plus, I’m hilarious, so don’t hate.)Based on your STATION 2.0 watch face model, it includes the weather, a fun color picker for the extra elements and much more. Very versatile it can match a multitude of situations.
Fully compatible with every watch using android wear.Extremely optimized codebase to make your battery last way longer than the usual watch face apps and Will work with all android wear watches, round or square, big or small.
If it uses android wear, i'm on it.
Take note:Sometime there's a delay getting the watch face on the watch from your phone, i recommend a bit of patience if its not instantaneous for you . This is not caused by the watch face, but rather Android Wear app.
If the Application doesn't appear:- uninstall the face- restart phone- restart watch- connect watch and phone- install the watch face
You can get more info by checking out my FAQ here: